Fine Arts Quartet concert commemorated

FAQnMemorial plaque IMG_0790
While in Utrecht, Netherlands in April. The Fine Arts Quartet presented a concert commemorated by a plaque. Try your hand at the Dutch or read the translation below.

“Following the extraordinary vision of Dini Adams (1959-2008). She lived there until 2008 and brought chamber music back into the chamber.

Since 2011, the house hosts “It is playing nearby”: Music, theater, literary and other arts current in contemporary society.
In addition, the arts center provides housing for young music students. For a small fee they can rent a room and, for further enrichment, make use of the concert hall, the beautiful grand piano and the extensive music library.

On April 22, 2014, the DAKB House was officially inaugurated by Gilbert Isabella, city council member of Utrecht.

The Fine Arts Quartet  and pianist Anastasia Injushina performed Beethoven, Schubert and Dvorak.”